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Neonatal lactic acidosis explained by LARS2 defect

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Conceptualization and data curation: B.D.P., J.S., R.K. and A.V.; formal analysis and methodology: A.V., R.V.C. and H.P.; project administration, resources and supervision: R.V.C. and A.V.; manuscript draft preparation: B.D.P.; review, editing and approval of the final version: all authors.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Boel De Paepe.

Ethics declarations

Competing interests

R.V.C. and A.V. are members of the European Reference Network for Hereditary Metabolic Disorders, MetabERN. The remaining authors declare no competing interests.

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De Paepe, B., Smet, J., Kopajtich, R. et al. Neonatal lactic acidosis explained by LARS2 defect. Pediatr Res (2022).

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