Retraction to: Molecular Psychiatry, published online 09 July 2019

The Editor-in-Chief has retracted this article. After publication, concerns were raised regarding the western blot data presented in the article. Specifically:

There appear to be breaks in the western blot backgrounds of Figs. 1g (VPS26b and VPS29), 2f (PHF13 and Rab5), and 7c (PHF1, horizontal; AT8, vertical)

The bands presented in Fig. 2f for PHF13 and Rab5 lanes 3 and 4 appear highly similar.

In Fig. 5a, the HT7 and AT270 blots appear highly similar.

The same actin bands appear to be presented in Fig. 7a,c and f

Additionally, there is an unusual overlay artifact in a number of western blot images in Figs. 2c, 2f, 4d, 4h and 5a.

The authors have stated that incorrect bands have been included in Figs. 2f, 5a, and 7c and f, and have provided the relevant western blot data to address these concerns. However, the Publisher could not validate the authenticity of these data. The Editor-in-Chief therefore no longer has confidence in the presented data.

Domenico Praticò does not agree to this retraction. None of the other authors have responded to any correspondence from the editor or publisher about this retraction.