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Correction: Amyloid-β oligomers link depressive-like behavior and cognitive deficits in mice

The Original Article was published on 27 November 2012

Correction to: Molecular Psychiatry 18, 1053–1054 (2013) published online 27 November 2012

It has been brought to our attention that an anonymous reader raised concerns regarding the images shown in panels 1k and 1n in our study. We have carefully investigated this issue and concluded that the representative images shown in panels 1k and 1n are indeed identical. We offer our sincere apologies for this unfortunate oversight. After careful re-examination of our data, we concluded that the image shown in panel 1n was inadvertently replicated in panel 1k when the final figure was prepared for publication.

Nonetheless, and importantly, we note that this inadvertent duplication of an image did not affect the quantitative analysis of the data and corresponding statistics presented in panel 1o, and thus did not affect the conclusions of our study.

We have now prepared a revised version of Fig. 1 (displayed below), in which the incorrect image presented in panel 1k has been replaced by a correct image for that experimental condition. In addition, a spreadsheet containing the original raw data used to generate the graph shown in our published paper (panel 1o) and a Prism file containing the graph generated using such raw data are provided here in the Supplementary Material section.


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