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Correction to: Psychiatric genetics and the structure of psychopathology

The Original Article was published on 09 January 2018

Correction to: Molecular Psychiatry (2018);

In the Table 1 legend, the reference numbers and symbols were not correctly presented in the footnotes. The corrected footnotes are presented below.

On the diagonal: Heritability estimates (and 95% CI) from pedigree/twin studies (lower, shaded orange) and genomewide SNP analyses (upper, shaded light blue). Also pairwise genetic correlations from pedigree/twin studies (below diagonal) and genomewide SNP analyses (above diagonal) are shown. SNP-based estimates (light blue) are taken from ref. 77. Bolded entries: 95% CI does not include 0.0.

Sources: * [99], ¥ [100], & [101],! [102], $ [103], ¶ [104], % [105], @ [106], ¢[107], § [108], √ [109]

ASD autism spectrum disorder, ADHD attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, SCZ schizophrenia, BD bipolar disorder, MDD major depressive disorder, AN anorexia nervosa, OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder, N/A not available

The original article has been updated.

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Correspondence to Jordan W. Smoller.

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Smoller, J.W., Andreassen, O.A., Edenberg, H.J. et al. Correction to: Psychiatric genetics and the structure of psychopathology. Mol Psychiatry 24, 471 (2019).

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