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CD99 as a novel therapeutic target on leukemic progenitor cells in FLT3-ITDmut AML

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Fig. 1: Analysis of CD99 expression in primary AML samples and BM-MNC from healthy donors.
Fig. 2: Effects of the anti-CD99 mAb in primary AML blasts and cell lines.


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This work was supported by AIRC 5 × 1000 call “Metastatic disease: the key unmet need in oncology” to MYNERVA project, #21267 (MYeloid NEoplasms Research Venture AIRC. A detailed description of the MYNERVA project is available at, by GR-2018-12365529-Santa Lucia to TO, by PRIN grant N. 2017WXR7ZT to MTV, by Ministero della Salute, Rome, Italy (Finalizzata 2018, NET-2018-12365935, Personalized medicine program on myeloid neoplasms: characterization of the patient’s genome for clinical decision making and systematic collection of real world data to improve quality of health care) to MTV and AIRC IG 2018 - ID. 21406 project to FF

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ST, TO, DFA, VF, SD, NIN, LB, MM and MTV made substantial contributions to conception, design of the study, and analysis and interpretation of the data; MS, SA, CB, MAIC, MDB, MD, MP, performed the experiments, FM, SM, FF, RP, GDA, FB, AV acquired and analyzed the data; all authors revised and approved the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Maria Teresa Voso.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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Travaglini, S., Ottone, T., Angelini, D.F. et al. CD99 as a novel therapeutic target on leukemic progenitor cells in FLT3-ITDmut AML. Leukemia 36, 1685–1688 (2022).

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