Correction to: Journal of Human Genetics, published online 09 March 2022

This paper’s reference to the ISI/insulin rQTL (rs3197999) in the MST1 gene connecting it to beta-cell function based on work by Ardestani and Maedler (2014) is mistaken due to an error related to duplicate nomenclature. rs3197999 lies in the macrophage stimulating 1 gene with the canonical name MST1, while the protein kinase MST1 is the common name for the protein product of the serine/threonine kinase 4 gene (canonical name STK4). Our analysis of rs3197999 as an rQTL for changes in ISI and insulin still stands, and so do studies by others linking rs3197999 to traits such as ulcerative colitis, sclerosing cholangitis, and Crohn’s disease, but to our knowledge it has not been linked to beta cell function and survival, as mistakenly reported due to this naming confusion. However, rs3197999 is also strongly associated with BMI, BMI adjusted for fasting glucose, and coronary artery disease ( Therefore, we removed all reference to the Ardestani and Maedler (2014) paper and any discussion pertaining to MST1 (the wrong MST1) being related to beta cell function that occurred in one sentence in the abstract and in one part of a paragraph in the discussion.