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Cerebral Haemodynamic Effects of Indomethacin and Ibuprofen During Treatment for Patent Ductus Arteriosus (Pda). 27

Background: Indomethacin (IND) reduces cerebral perfusion in preterm infants. We performed a randomised double blind study to determine if Ibuprofen (IBU) has similar effects. Subjects and Interventions: 33 infants of 23-36 wks (median 26) gestation were treated with IBU 10 then 5 twice 24 hourly or IND 0.10-0.25 thrice 12 hourly injected over 15 min. The effects on cerebral blood flow (CBF), volume (CBV) and response to changes in PaCO2 (CBVR) were observed by near infrared spectroscopy, and ductal patency assessed by echocardiograpy.Table

Table 1

Data given: mean (SD) or median (25-75 centiles) for first doses.*=p<0.05. PDA closed in 12/14 infants with IND and 15/19 with IBU. Conclusion: IBU causes no reduction in CBF, CBV and CBVR and appears to mediate PDA closure.

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