Effect of LH-RH treatment for cryptorchidism on gonadotropine secretion


Sixty-two cryptorchid boys aged two to six years were selected at random either for surgical or for hormonal LH-RH treatment. As all biopsies from boys operated upon showed typical histological and ultra-structural signs of cryptorchidism, it can be concluded that only true cryptorchid patients were included in our study. LH-RH treatment was successful in sixteen (55%) of thirty-one boys. Median plasma 30' response values to LH-RH of LH were initially normal in all boys. Those treated successfully, remained also normal after treatment, whereas unsuccessfully treated patients had significantly lower LH response values at the end of the 4 weeks LH-RH treatment. FSH response was not statistically different before and after treatment.

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Hadziselimovic, F., Girard, J., Stalder, G. et al. Effect of LH-RH treatment for cryptorchidism on gonadotropine secretion. Pediatr Res 15, 85 (1981). https://doi.org/10.1203/00006450-198101000-00085

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