24-hour Blood Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes Mellitus

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Twenty diabetic children aged 3-14 years have had 24-hour plasma and urine glucose estimations.

Two-hourly blood Dextrostix levels were read on a “Hypocount” meter (duplicates checked in laboratory (r:0.92)). Concurrently glucose excretion was estimated in two 12-hour urine collections. Dextrostix values demonstrated the following patterns which resulted in improved diabetic control:

24-hour Dextrostix monitoring revealed disturbances of blood glucose dynamics which were not always apparent on simple urine testing and which facilitated improved control.

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Laurance, B., Long, A., Savage, M. et al. 24-hour Blood Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes Mellitus. Pediatr Res 15, 90 (1981) doi:10.1203/00006450-198101000-00114

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