Thrombalexins protect renal allografts

Researchers have used a membrane-localizing technology to generate a novel class of thrombin inhibitors, named thrombalexins (TLNs), that bind to cell surfaces and could potentially be used to prevent acute antibody-mediated thrombosis in donor organs. In a rat renal allograft model of hyperacute antibody-mediated rejection, perfusion of donor kidneys with TLN-1 before transplantation substantially reduced intragraft thrombosis and increased graft survival.


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    Karegli, J. et al. Thrombalexins: cell-localized inhibition of thrombin and its effects in a model of high-risk renal transplantation. Am. J. Transplant. (2016)

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Carney, E. Thrombalexins protect renal allografts. Nat Rev Nephrol 12, 510 (2016).

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