The potential of Manitoba chokecherry as a source of high natural antioxidants


Consumption of fruits and vegetables is shown to be beneficial for protecting health and preventing some chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. The positive health effects have been mainly due to the contributions of their natural antioxidant capacity. Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), a unique fruit, is a member of the Rose family and native to North America. Here we demonstrate that chokecherry fruit with strong antioxidant capacity is available in Manitoba, and that its potent antioxidant potential can be developed for health benefits in value-added applications.These findings are useful for developing novel value-added antioxidant products from chokecherry because of its phytochemical profile associated with health protection and prevention of disease. The results provide evidence essential for breeding novel cultivars of fruit plants with strong natural antioxidants.

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Li, W., Hosseinian, F., Hydamaka, A. et al. The potential of Manitoba chokecherry as a source of high natural antioxidants. Nat Prec (2008).

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  • Plant biology
  • phytochemical profile
  • antioxidant

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