Quantum transport in ultracold atoms


Ultracold atoms confined by engineered magnetic or optical potentials are ideal to study phenomena otherwise difficult to realize or probe in the solid state, thanks to the ability to control the atomic interaction strength, number of species, density and geometry. Here, we review quantum transport phenomena in atomic gases that mirror and can either better elucidate or show fundamental differences with respect to those observed in mesoscopic and nanoscopic systems. We discuss the significant progress in transport experiments in atomic gases, the similarities and differences between transport in cold atoms and in condensed matter systems, and survey theoretical predictions that are difficult to verify in conventional set-ups.

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Figure 1: Open versus closed set-ups in electronic and cold-atom systems.
Figure 2: Quantized conductance in cold atoms and electronics.
Figure 3: Transport of atomic superfluid.
Figure 4: Transport of noninteracting and interacting fermions.


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S.P. and M.D.V. acknowledge support from the DOE under Grant No. DE-FG02-05ER46204. S.P. acknowledges support from the Academy of Finland through its Centres of Excellence Programme (2012–2017) under Project No. 251748.

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