Resolved-sideband and cryogenic cooling of an optomechanical resonator

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Cooling a mechanical oscillator to its quantum ground state enables the exploration of the quantum nature and the quantum–classical boundary of an otherwise classical system1,2,3,4,5,6,7. In analogy to laser cooling of trapped ions8, ground-state cooling of an optomechanical system can in principle be achieved by radiation-pressure cooling in the resolved-sideband limit where the cavity photon lifetime far exceeds the mechanical oscillation period9,10,11. Here, we report the experimental demonstration of an optomechanical system that combines both resolved-sideband and cryogenic cooling. Mechanical oscillations of a deformed silica microsphere are coupled to optical whispering-gallery modes that can be excited through free-space evanescent coupling12,13. By precooling the system to 1.4 K, a final average phonon occupation as low as 37 quanta, limited by ultrasonic attenuation in silica, is achieved. With diminishing ultrasonic attenuation, we anticipate that the ground-state cooling can be achieved when the resonator is precooled to a few hundred millikelvin in a 3He cryostat.

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Figure 1: Free-space coupling of WGMs.
Figure 2: Mechanical modes and cryogenic cooling.
Figure 3: Resolved-sideband cooling in a cryogenic environment.
Figure 4: Average phonon occupation.


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This work is supported by NSF and ARL-ONAMI.

Author information

Y.-S.P. and H.W. conceived the experiment, analysed the experimental result and prepared the manuscript. Y.-S.P. carried out the experiment.

Correspondence to Hailin Wang.

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