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Mutations in the protein tyrosine kinase gene, PTPN11, cause Noonan syndrome

Nature Genetics volume 29, page 491 (2001) | Download Citation


Nature Genet. 29, 465–468 (2001)).

Regrettably, we did not provide acknowledgment of two sources of funding before our paper was published online on 12 November. Full acknowledgment follows.


We thank the individuals with Noonan syndrome and their families who participated in this study, the physicians who referred the subjects, X. Song for technical assistance, H. Weinstein for insightful suggestions about the structural analysis, S. Hassan for providing algorithms and programs to carry out the Montre Carlo calculations and for discussions and G. Diaz and Y. Ioannou for reading the manuscript. This work was supported in part by grants from the NIH (to B.D.G., E.L.M. and R.K.) and from the Human Genetics Program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (to R.K.). We would like to thank the Birth Defects Foundation (UK) and the British Heart Foundation (PG /98191) for their support of this project.

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    • M. Tartaglia
    • , E.L. Mehler
    • , R. Goldberg
    • , G. Zampino
    • , H.G. Brunner
    • , H. Kremer
    • , I. van der Burgt
    • , A.H. Crosby
    • , A. Ion
    • , S. Jeffery
    • , K. Kalidas
    • , M.A. Patton
    • , R.S. Kucherlapati
    •  & B. Gelb


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