Evaluation of a susceptibility gene for schizophrenia on chromosome 6p by multipoint affected sib–pair linkage analysis


The influence of genetic factors in schizophrenia has been convincingly demonstrated by family, twin and adoption studies1–3, but the mode of transmission remains uncertain. The reported pattern of recurrence risks suggests a set of interacting loci4. Based on prior evidence for linkage on chromosome 6p (K. Kendler, pers. comm.), we have scanned the short arm of chromosome 6 in 54 families for loci predisposing to schizophrenia, using 25 microsatellite markers spanning 60 centiMorgans (cM). Allele sharing identity by descent was examined in affected sib-pairs from these families, followed by multipoint sib-pair linkage analysis. Positive lod scores were obtained over a wide region (D6S470 to D6S271), with a maximum lod score of 2.2 occuring near D6S274, located in 6p22. However, we obtained a lod score of −2 at D6S296, the locus found by others to provide the greatest linkage evidence5. At D6S274, we report a positive lod score as do Straub et al.5 (individually non-significant). A combined total lod of 3.6–4.0 suggests the possibility of a susceptibility locus in this region. However, methodological differences between our studies makes a firm conclusion difficult.

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