Normalization procedures and detection of linkage signal in genetical-genomics experiments

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Figure 1: Concordance analysis of linkage statistics based upon three normalization methods.


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We thank J. Schimenti (formerly of the Jackson Laboratory) and M. Bucan (University of Pennsylvania) for assistance in obtaining mouse strains. Supported by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant award (P.F.R.L.), a National Health and Medical Research Council Peter Doherty Fellowship (R.B.H.W.), the University of New South Wales Genome Informatics Scholarship (C.J.C.) and Australian Postgraduate Awards (E.C. and M.J.C.) and a grant-in-aid from the Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications (P.F.R.L.).

Author information

Correspondence to Peter F R Little.

Supplementary information

Supplementary Fig. 1

Influence of normalization on genome-wide linkage statistics in ref. 4. (PDF 552 kb)

Supplementary Fig. 2

Influence of transcript variance on concordance analysis of linkage statistics. (PDF 647 kb)

Supplementary Fig. 3

Concordance analysis of linkage 'peaks'. (PDF 782 kb)

Supplementary Table 1

Simulation. (PDF 462 kb)

Supplementary Methods (PDF 83 kb)

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Williams, R., Cotsapas, C., Cowley, M. et al. Normalization procedures and detection of linkage signal in genetical-genomics experiments. Nat Genet 38, 855–856 (2006) doi:10.1038/ng0806-855

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