Nature Chemistry 3, 714–719 (2011); published online 14 August 2011; corrected after print 24 October 2014.

In the version of this Article originally published, a systematic error in converting the energies obtained by molecular mechanics calculations to the total energies used to evaluate the relative stabilities of the molecular network models, led to incorrect energy values being reported. The correct values are as follows:

In 'Control of homochirality in a porous molecular network', modelling of hexamers of cDBA-OC12-( S) CW structure was found to be 9.66 kcal mol−1 more stable than the CCW pattern.

In 'Chiral induction in a porous molecular network', the difference between CW and CCW hexamers formed by five molecules of DBA-OC12 and one of cDBA-OC12-( S) was found to be only 0.24 kcal mol−1.

In 'Hierarchical chiral induction mechanism', for cyclic hexamers of one chiral cDBA-OC12-( S )-OC13-( R) and five achiral DBA-OC12 on graphite, the CW hexagonal structure is favoured by 3.88 kcal mol−1. In comparison, in similar structures made from cDBA-OC12-( S )-OC13-( R) and DBA-OC13 the energy difference between the CW and CCW structures was only 1.33 kcal mol−1.

These errors do not affect the conclusions of the work, and all of the values have been corrected in the online versions of the Article.