Correction to: Molecular Psychiatry advance online publication, 27 October 2015; doi:10.1038/mp.2015.165

The list of authors in the HTML version of the article incorrectly included all the members of the International Cohort Collection for Bipolar Disorder. The PDF version correctly lists only the primary authors, as shown above. (The cohort members are listed at the end of the published article.).

In addition, following publication, the authors discovered an error in a subset of the sample affecting the results. A database error led to mismatched phenotypes for the objective lithium-response measures in the Swedish data. This resulted in the total number of lithium responders (objective measurements) in the second wave of Swedish data changing from 159 to 223 and that of nonresponders from 780 to 719 (the correct numbers are underscored in the revised Table 1 shown here). This also changed the total number of subjects entered into the meta-analysis. The numbers of responders and nonresponders were also changed in the first wave of Swedish data (Table 1), but this wave was not used in the original analyses (because the low number of subjects did not allow for an analysis) and thus did not affect the results.

Table 1 Sample sizes by group and study [the corrected values are underscored]

As a consequence of this error, the results of the genetic analyses changed (Table 2, final section): (1) The former top hit, rs146727601, had a P-value of 1.33 × 10−8 (OR=3.98), but changed to 1.22 × 10−9 (OR=4.12) in the revised analyses. (2) The other significant association, rs116323614 in SESTD1, changed from P=2.74 × 10-8 (OR=3.14) to 1.53 × 10−6 (OR=2.69).

Table 2 [‘Responders vs controls, objective assessments section’ (changes underscored)]

Table 2 shows the corrected meta-analysis comparing lithium responders (objective assessment) with controls.

A Supplementary Corrigendum file describing all article corrections in detail, including a revised Figure 1b, is provided with the corrigendum online.