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Erratum: De novo induction of amyloid-β deposition in vivo

The Original Article was published on 04 October 2011

Correction to: Mol Psychiatry advance online publication, 4 October 2011; doi:10.1038/mp.2011.120

The authors would like to correct a labeling mistake in Figure 4 of the article. The top two panels in the left (developed with anti-Aβ antibody) correspond to an animal killed at 450 days post inoculation and not 585 days as stated in the labeling. Indeed, the panel shown at × 200 magnification corresponds to a new picture taken with higher resolution of the same section shown in Figure 3a (center panel). The other two top panels in the right (stained with thioflavin S and anti-GFAP antibody, respectively) are correctly labeled as coming from an animal killed at 585 days post inoculation. This mistake does not affect in any way the results or conclusions of the experiment, as the purpose of Figure 4 was to show a morphological and staining comparison of representative deposits observed in HuAPPwt transgenic mice after inoculation with Alzheimer's brain homogenate and those developed spontaneously in a mice expressing human mutant amyloid precursor protein (Tg2576).


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The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/mp.2011.120

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Morales, R., Duran-Aniotz, C., Castilla, J. et al. Erratum: De novo induction of amyloid-β deposition in vivo. Mol Psychiatry 18, 266 (2013).

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