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MOZ–TIF2-mediated destruction of CBP/p300 is blocked by calpain inhibitor 2

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This work was supported by the Association of International Cancer Research (KBK), Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research (HMC), Cancer Research UK and the Wellcome Trust. Our thanks are due to Prof. Saverio Minucci (Institute of Oncology, Milan), Dr. Paolo Salomoni (UCL Cancer Institute) and our colleagues in the Gene Regulation Group for advice, reagents, technical assistance and useful discussions. We acknowledge receipt of a travel bursary to KBK from the European Association for Cancer Research.

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Correspondence to D M Heery.

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Kindle, K., Collins, H. & Heery, D. MOZ–TIF2-mediated destruction of CBP/p300 is blocked by calpain inhibitor 2. Leukemia 24, 1359–1361 (2010).

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