Immunisation against HSV-1 keratitis with a synthetic gD peptide


The authors tested the protective efficacy of, and the immune response to, immunisation with a synthetic peptide of glycoprotein D (gD) of HSV-1 in a murine model of herpes stromal keratitis (HSK). HSV-1 susceptible A/J mice were immunised subcutaneously with a peptide corresponding to the N-terminal epitope gD(5-23) prior to corneal HSV-1 challenge. Divergent immunisation protocols were compared for their protective potency, their ability to prevent the establishment of latency in the trigeminal ganglion, and their effect on the immune system. Low dosages (31 µg) of gD(5-23) protected against encephalitis and HSK. Protective efficacy was higher when gD(5-23) was coupled to the carrier protein keyhole limpet haemo-cyanin (KLH) and was emulsified with adjuvant. Latent infection was found in all control mice but in only 50-75% of immunised mice. The most potent protection was correlated with anti-HSV-1 neutralising antibodies of IgG1 and IgG2a isotypes, but free gD(5-23) protected in the absence of anti-HSV-1 antibodies. Our results suggest that immunisation with gD(5-23) stimulates both humoral and cellular immune mechanisms which protect against HSV-1 keratitis.


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