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Correction: Corrigendum to: EMQN Best Practice Guidelines for molecular genetic testing of SCAs

The Original Article was published on 24 February 2010

Correction to: European Journal of Human Genetics advance online publication, 24 February 2010; doi:10.1038/ejhg.2010.8

Since the publication of the above paper the authors realized that the other co-authors who took part to the EMQN Best Practice Meeting and electronic discussion were not indexed as such. Their name and affiliations are listed below.

Giunti Paola: Department of Molecular Neuroscience, Institute of Neurology, University College of London, London, UK

Kämäräinen Outi: European Molecular Genetics Quality Network, St Mary's Hospital, Hathersage Road, Manchester, UK

Volpini Victor: Center for Molecular Genetic Diagnosis of Hereditary Diseases, Biomedical Research, Institute of Bellvitge, IDIBELL, Barcelona, Spain

Weirich Helga: Department of Medical Genetics, Medical University of Innsbruck, Schöpfgasse 41, Innsbruck, Austria

Christodoulou Kyproula: The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, Nicosia, Cyprus

Bazak Nazli: Bogazici University, Deptartment of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Neurodegeneration Research Laboratory, Istanbul, Turkey

Sinke Richard: UMC Utrecht, Department of Medical Genetics, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Sulek-Piatkowska Anna: Department of Genetics, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Sobieskiego 9, Warsaw, Poland

Garcia-Planells Javier: Instituto Valenciano de Genetica (IVGEN), Valencia, Spain

Davis Mark: Neurogenetics Unit, Department of Anatomical Pathology, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Australia

Frontali Marina: INMM-CNR, Rome, Italy

Hämäläinen Petra: Department of Medical Biochemistry and Genetics, University of Turku, Turku, Finland

Wieczorek Stefan: Ruhr-University, Human Genetics, Bochum, Germany

Zühlke Christine: Institut für Humangenetik, Universität Lübeck, Lübeck, Germany

Saraiva-Pereira Maria-Luiza: Servico de Genetica Medica, Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Warner Jon: Molecular Genetics Service Edinburgh, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK

Leguern Eric: UF de Neurogénétique Fédération de Génétique, Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris Cedex 13, France

Thonney Francine: Service de génétique médicale, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland

Quintáns Castro Beatriz: Fundación Pública Galega de Medicina Xenómica, Hospital Clínico Universitario, Santiago de Compostela (La Coruna), Spain

Jonasson Jenni: Clinical Genetics, Laboratory Medicine, University Hospital of Umea, Umea, Sweden

Storm Katrien: Center of Medical Genetics, University Hospital of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

Andersson Anna: Department of Clinical Genetics, Lund University Hospital, Lund, Sweden

Ravani Anna: Genetica Medica, Universitá di Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy

Correia Luís, Silveira Isabel, Alonso Isabel, Martins Carla, Pinto Basto Jorge, Coutinho Paula, Perdigão Andreia: UnIGENe, IBMC, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal

Barton David: National Centre for Medical Genetics, Our Lady's Children Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Davis Mary: Neurogenetics Unit, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, UK

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Corresponding author

Correspondence to Jorge Sequeiros.

Additional information

Prepared on behalf of the European Molecular Quality Genetics Network (EMQN), Jorge Sequeiros, Joanne Martindale and Sara Seneca, following an EMQN Best Practice Meeting, 17–19 October 2007, Porto, Portugal, as a part of the EU Network of Excellence EuroGentest, and subsequent electronic group discussion in 2008. Endorsed by the EMQN board in 2009

The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/ejhg.2010.8

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Sequeiros, J., Martindale, J., Seneca, S. et al. Correction: Corrigendum to: EMQN Best Practice Guidelines for molecular genetic testing of SCAs. Eur J Hum Genet 18, 1176–1177 (2010).

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