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‘Business of science’ digest—July and August 2021

Rod-shaped bacterium

Credit: iStockPhoto / Dr_Microbe

Stepping to the exit

A historical analysis of oncology deals can help bioentrepreneurs navigate the right time for partnerships and exits and can inform on the type of investors likely to be interested.

Nature Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical firms commit US$1 billion to antibiotic development

Twenty-four large and medium-sized pharmaceutical firms are backing a US$1 billion fund to steward antibiotics through phase 2 and 3 trials. Can they also break an antibiotic reimbursement impasse?

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Origins of SARS-CoV-2: window is closing for key scientific studies

Authors of the March 2021 World Health Organization report into how COVID-19 emerged warn that further delay makes crucial inquiry biologically difficult.


COVID-19 long haulers

With the risks of drug development prohibitive, repurposed or repositioned medicines appear the best hope against long-COVID, a condition that still raises many unanswered questions.

Nature Biotechnology

Why nearly 80 percent of autoimmune sufferers are female

The effects of sex hormones, X chromosomes and different gut microbes may be parts of the answer.

Scientific American

100 years of insulin: celebrating the past, present and future of diabetes therapy

The year 2021 marks the centennial of Banting and Best’s landmark description of the discovery of insulin. The review describes key accomplishments leading to and building on this momentous occasion in medical history.

Nature Medicine

Gene therapies should be for all

Are healthcare systems prepared to deal with cost and accessibility of gene therapies on a global scale?

Nature Medicine

mRNA vaccines for infectious diseases: principles, delivery and clinical translation

Over the past several decades, messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines have progressed from a scepticism-inducing idea to clinical reality. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic catalysed the most rapid vaccine development in history, with mRNA vaccines at the forefront of those efforts.

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery


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