Intrathecal Chemotherapy

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Selection of cytostatic agents for intrathecal administration is the subject of this paper.

Both the toxic side effects—destruction of blood-brain barrier and change of body weight—and the cytostatic effects on intracranially transplanted Yoshida ascites sarcoma were investigated of intrathecal administration of various cytostatic agents. As a result, it may be concluded that Methotrexate and Endoxan and lower dose of mitomycin C are suitable drugs for intrathecal chemotherapy.

Based on these findings, clinical cases of malignant brain tumours were treated with intrathecal chemotherapy.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to Professor Dennosuke Jinnai for his constant interest and guidance in this investigation.

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Hayakawa, T., Yamada, R., Kanai, N. et al. Intrathecal Chemotherapy. Br J Cancer 24, 489–497 (1970) doi:10.1038/bjc.1970.59

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