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Sildenafil in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes: demand, efficacy and patient satisfaction


The objective of this study is to describe the eligibility, consumption, efficacy and patient satisfaction when treating men with diabetes with Sildenafil. The study is a prospective, self-reported, flexible-dose study. In total, 45 patients with diabetes (type 1 or 2), complaining of erectile dysfunction, were treated with Sildenafil over a 12-week period. Efficacy was assessed using a patientlog, a general satisfaction questionnaire and the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). Of 326 men, 192 reported erectile dysfunction, 79 did not fulfil the criteria for Sildenafil treatment and 49 declined to participate. In the group of 33 (age 45–75 y, mean±s.d.: 58.1±7.2) completing the study, erectile function was significantly improved (P<0.0001). A total of 12 patients (36.4%) experienced no treatment effect at all. Eligibility and desire for treatment was low. Sildenafil is far from being a ‘cure all’ in the treatment of ED in diabetes.

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The study was completed with an independent grant from Pfizer A/S.

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Behrend, L., Vibe-Petersen, J. & Perrild, H. Sildenafil in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes: demand, efficacy and patient satisfaction. Int J Impot Res 17, 264–269 (2005).

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  • diabetes mellitus
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