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    Wind facilities have generally deployed turbines of the same power and height in regular uniform arrays. Now, the modern generation of turbines, with customer-selectable tower heights and larger rotors, can significantly increase wind energy’s economic potential using less land to generate cheaper electricity.

    • Robert Thresher
    Nature Energy 3, 453-454
  • Editorial |

    A third of the world's installed wind energy capacity is in China, but technological and policy challenges need to be addressed to make the most of the country's wind resources.

    Nature Energy 1, 16110
  • News and Views |

    Persistent and significant curtailment has cast concern over the prospects of wind power in China. A comprehensive assessment of the production of energy from wind has identified grid-integrated wind generation potential at 11.9–14% of China's projected energy demand by 2030.

    • Jiahai Yuan
    Nature Energy 1, 16095
  • News and Views |

    China has the largest installed capacity of wind farms, yet its wind energy electricity output is lower than that of other countries. A new analysis of the relative contributions of the factors influencing China's wind sector could help policy makers prioritize solutions.

    • Joanna I. Lewis
    Nature Energy 1, 16076