Sustainability is essentially the ability to endure, for example by exploiting resources in a way that does not deplete their future availability or unduly damage the wider environment. This concept has been incorporated in the idea of sustainable development.


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    Strategies that reduce fossil-fuel use can achieve both global carbon mitigation and local health-protection goals. Now research shows the dual benefits of compact urban design and circular economy policies in Chinese cities.

    • Nadine Ibrahim
  • News and Views |

    Social norms are the dominant behavioural patterns in a group that affect how people follow rules and regulations. A new modelling study shows, for different localities around the world, how the combination of biophysical context and social norms affects cooperation in water conservation.

    • Marco A. Janssen
  • News and Views |

    A global spatial analysis based on biophysical modelling identifies that vast swathes of the ocean are suitable for marine aquaculture development.

    • Max Troell
    • , Malin Jonell
    •  & Patrik John Gustav Henriksson
  • Comments and Opinion |

    The UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 aims to deliver affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Tracking progress towards the targets under this goal can spur better energy statistics and data gathering capacity, and will require new indicators that also consider the interplay with other goals.

    • Peter G. Taylor
    • , Kathleen Abdalla
    • , Roberta Quadrelli
    •  & Ivan Vera
    Nature Energy 2, 17117
  • Editorial |

    The emerging field of geohealth links human well-being and ecosystem health. A deeper understanding of these linkages can help society mitigate the health costs of economic growth before they become crises.