Superconducting devices


Superconducting devices are electronic devices that harness the zero-resistance properties of superconductors. Superconducting devices are used for highly sensitive optical sensors, detectors of magnetic fields and low-noise amplifiers. Superconducting circuits are one possible type of qubit, the building blocks of quantum computers.

Latest Research and Reviews

  • Research | | open

    Efficient on-demand cooling of the functional degrees of freedom in solid-state implementations of quantum information processing devices remains a challenge. Here the authors demonstrate direct cooling of a photonic mode of a superconducting resonator using voltage-controllable electron tunnelling.

    • Kuan Yen Tan
    • , Matti Partanen
    • , Russell E. Lake
    • , Joonas Govenius
    • , Shumpei Masuda
    •  & Mikko Möttönen
  • Research | | open

    With impressive electronic transport properties, wide bandgap perovskite oxides are promising transparent conductors. Prakash et al. report n-type BaSnO3 films with room temperature conductivity exceeding 104 S cm−1 and investigate factors limiting carrier mobility.

    • Abhinav Prakash
    • , Peng Xu
    • , Alireza Faghaninia
    • , Sudhanshu Shukla
    • , Joel W. Ager III
    • , Cynthia S. Lo
    •  & Bharat Jalan
  • Research |

    Van der Waals heterostructures provide a tunable platform for probing the Andreev bound states responsible for proximity-induced superconductivity, helping to establish a connection between Andreev physics at finite energy and the Josephson effect.

    • Landry Bretheau
    • , Joel I-Jan Wang
    • , Riccardo Pisoni
    • , Kenji Watanabe
    • , Takashi Taniguchi
    •  & Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
  • Research | | open

    Physical details of a Josephson junction may drastically modify the properties of supercurrent. Here, the authors observe a colossal enhancement of the critical supercurrent in a Josephson junction subject to a perpendicular magnetic field, indicating topological phase transitions.

    • J. Tiira
    • , E. Strambini
    • , M. Amado
    • , S. Roddaro
    • , P. San-Jose
    • , R. Aguado
    • , F. S. Bergeret
    • , D. Ercolani
    • , L. Sorba
    •  & F. Giazotto

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