Spintronics is the use of a fundamental property of particles known as spin for information processing. In many ways, spintronics is analogous to electronics, which instead uses the electrical charge on an electron. Carrying information in both the charge and spin of an electron potentially offers devices with a greater diversity of functionality.


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    The chiral magnetic exchange interaction, or Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction, is found to propagate through dozens of atomic layers and also to be present in inhomogeneous amorphous alloys. These discoveries extend the parameter space available for realizing magnetic structures with chiral character.

    • Bartel Van Waeyenberge
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    Hydrogen from surface-based electrolysis is implicated in the operation of high-speed magneto-ionic devices. Functionalizing this discovery, a new family of potentially high-speed, high-efficiency ionic devices is born.

    • Dustin A. Gilbert
    •  & Alexander J. Grutter