Solar physics

Solar physics is the study of the fundamental processes occurring in the sun. Primarily this is related to the dynamics of plasmas and their interplay with the sun’s magnetic fields, and how these processes vary in different regions of the sun, from its core to the surrounding corona.

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    Harry Cliff, a particle physicist, a Fellow of Modern Science at the Science Museum in London and the main curator of The Sun: Living with our Star, discusses the exhibition with Nature Astronomy.

    • Marios Karouzos
    •  & Luca Maltagliati
    Nature Astronomy 3, 112-113
  • Comments and Opinion |

    There are efforts to establish a modern astronomical observatory on Timor Island, East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia. This future observatory aims to answer fundamental astronomical questions and to strengthen the nation through education, research, science and technology.

    • Emanuel Sungging Mumpuni
    • , Lucky Puspitarini
    • , Rhorom Priyatikanto
    • , Clara Y. Yatini
    •  & Mahasena Putra
    Nature Astronomy 2, 930-932
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    After 60 years of technological and materials development, in August this year the Parker Solar Probe set off on its journey to skim the atmosphere of the Sun. Mission Scientist Adam Szabo summarizes this ambitious adventure.

    • Adam Szabo
  • Correspondence |

    • I. R. Mann
    • , L. G. Ozeke
    • , S. K. Morley
    • , K. R. Murphy
    • , S. G. Claudepierre
    • , D. L. Turner
    • , D. N. Baker
    • , I. J. Rae
    • , A. Kale
    • , D. K. Milling
    • , A. J. Boyd
    • , H. E. Spence
    • , H. J. Singer
    • , S. Dimitrakoudis
    • , I. A. Daglis
    •  & F. Honary
    Nature Physics 14, 103-104