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    Assessment of moral judgements and social-cognitive profiles of Colombian paramilitary terrorists by Baez et al. reveals a moral code abnormally guided by outcomes, rather than the integration of intentions and outcomes.

    • Sandra Baez
    • , Eduar Herrera
    • , Adolfo M. García
    • , Facundo Manes
    • , Liane Young
    •  & Agustín Ibáñez
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    Pah et al. analyse gun violence incidents at US schools for the period 1990–2013 and find heightened rates in the period 2007–2013. Indicators of economic distress significantly correlate with increases in the rate of gun violence.

    • A. R. Pah
    • , J. Hagan
    • , A. L. Jennings
    • , A. Jain
    • , K. Albrecht
    • , A. J. Hockenberry
    •  & L. A. N. Amaral
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    Semen quality in young men has been declining, and shows geographical, as well as temporal, variation. Several aspects of modern life, including lifestyle and environmental factors, stress, and exposure to endocrine disruptors and radiation, could be contributing to these trends. In this Review, the authors describe how semen quality is changing in the 21st century, and consider how we can best identify and avoid the underlying causes.

    • Helena E. Virtanen
    • , Niels Jørgensen
    •  & Jorma Toppari
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    Social prejudices and stereotyping are pervasive and often operate unconsciously. In this Review, David M. Amodio considers the neural basis of prejudice and stereotyping and discusses the processes through which such biases may form, can influence behaviour and are regulated.

    • David M. Amodio

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