Secondary metabolism

Secondary metabolism consists of metabolic pathways and products of metabolism that are not absolutely required for the survival of the plant. Secondary metabolism is responsible for many bioactive compounds used medicinally.

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    How plants control the composition of proanthocyanidins has been the subject of much interest and speculation. The elucidation of parallel routes to the starter and extension units in Medicago provides an explanation.

    • Brenda S. J. Winkel
    Nature Plants 4, 987-988
  • News and Views |

    Cellular components can be digested in the vacuole by autophagy, a critical process for homeostasis and stress tolerance. Functions of this recycling pathway in maize have now been defined, including lipid degradation, control of secondary metabolism and remodelling of the proteome.

    • Diane C. Bassham
    Nature Plants 4, 985-986
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    Domestication of the citrus family has resulted in the selection of key alleles of a duplicated MYB transcription factor called Ruby.

    • Andrew C. Allan
    Nature Plants 4, 865-866
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    Metabolon-formation governs the biosynthetic efficiency of natural plant products. Identification of membrane-anchored proteins has now led to discovery of the metabolic channelling mechanism of phenylpropanoid biosynthesis.

    • Bin Wang
    •  & Qiao Zhao
    Nature Plants 4, 245-246