RNA nanotechnology

RNA nanotechnology is a branch of nanotechnology concerned with the design, study and application of synthetic structures based on RNA. RNA nanotechnology takes advantage of the physical and chemical properties of RNA rather than the genetic information it carries.

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    Nucleic acid scaffolds can be precisely interfaced with cellular components, making them interesting materials to probe and program immune cells. In this Perspective, the authors explore nucleic acid technologies for the quantitative detection of single immune cells and for modulating the immune response.

    • Maulik S. Jani
    • , Aneesh T. Veetil
    •  & Yamuna Krishnan
  • Research | | open

    Designing nucleic acid-based nanostructures with knots remains challenging. Here the authors present a general strategy to design and construct highly knotted 2D and 3D nanostructures from single-stranded DNA or RNA

    • Xiaodong Qi
    • , Fei Zhang
    • , Zhaoming Su
    • , Shuoxing Jiang
    • , Dongran Han
    • , Baoquan Ding
    • , Yan Liu
    • , Wah Chiu
    • , Peng Yin
    •  & Hao Yan
  • Research | | open

    RNA nanostructures have been demonstrated in a range of biological applications, but their assembly and delivery to cells is difficult. Here the authors demonstrate the in vivo assembly of a RNA nanostructure from a single transcript inside the cellular environment.

    • Mo Li
    • , Mengxi Zheng
    • , Siyu Wu
    • , Cheng Tian
    • , Di Liu
    • , Yossi Weizmann
    • , Wen Jiang
    • , Guansong Wang
    •  & Chengde Mao
  • Research | | open

    FRET has been used to study protein conformational changes but has never been applied to RNA aptamers. Here the authors develop a genetically encodable RNA aptamer-based FRET system on single-stranded RNA origami scaffolds, and demonstrate it can be used to study RNA conformational changes.

    • Mette D. E. Jepsen
    • , Steffen M. Sparvath
    • , Thorbjørn B. Nielsen
    • , Ane H. Langvad
    • , Guido Grossi
    • , Kurt V. Gothelf
    •  & Ebbe S. Andersen

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