Process chemistry

Process chemistry involves the development and optimization of production processes for chemical compounds, and the scaling up of laboratory reactions, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector.

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    A rapid synthesis of the antibacterial drug linezolid using flow chemistry has been reported that does not require isolation or purification of any intermediates and is completed in seven synthetic steps

    • Stephen G. Davey
  • Comments and Opinion |

    This year marks a century since the pioneering work leading to what is now known as the Rosenmund reduction. We celebrate this landmark, reflecting upon the evolution of synthetic methodologies for reductive aldehyde synthesis from carboxylic acid derivatives and highlighting modern, improved strategies.

    • Andrei V. Iosub
    • , Carl-Johan Wallentin
    •  & Joakim Bergman
    Nature Catalysis 1, 645-648
  • Comments and Opinion |

    As compared to the drug discovery process, the development of new 18F PET tracers lacks a well-established pipeline that advances compounds from academic research to candidacy for (pre)clinical imaging. In order to bridge the gaps between methodological advances and clinical success, we must rethink the development process from training to implementation.

    • Michael G. Campbell
    • , Joel Mercier
    • , Christophe Genicot
    • , Véronique Gouverneur
    • , Jacob M. Hooker
    •  & Tobias Ritter