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    We spoke with Gary Nabel about research funding, making the move from academia to industry, transformative innovation to improve global health, and the current state of the infectious disease drug pipeline.

    • Nonia Pariente
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    If we are to be successful in keeping priority pathogens at bay in the long term, global responses to antimicrobial resistance should embrace and fund innovative therapeutic strategies that are developed in the basic microbiology laboratory.

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    As anti-vaccination movements gain momentum in some regions, World Immunization Week 2017 reminds us that vaccines work and are safe, and that ideological positions contrary to this truth ignore the weight of scientific evidence and deny a long history of lives being saved, endangering many more.

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    While deaths from leading infectious diseases have decreased since the millennium, the threat from potential new outbreaks means that complacency is not an option. The global health community is grossly underprepared to meet new epidemic challenges, but signs suggest that improvement is underway.