Plant morphogenesis

Plant morphogenesis concerns the origin and development of the physical form and external structure of plants.

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    A genetic screen in the model panicoid grass Setaria viridis reveals the importance of the auxin transporter AUX1 for inflorescence branching in maize, highlighting how model plants can accelerate gene discovery in complex crops.

    • Richard Sibout
    Nature Plants 3, 17060
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    Trichomes are specific epidermal cells often functional in protection, seed dispersal and, less frequently, development. A MIXTA-like MYB transcription factor from cotton, GhMYBML10, has been shown to control petal trichome formation. Interestingly, the petal trichomes act as natural Velcro in maintaining correct flower bud shape, ensuring seed production.

    • Qing Zhao
    •  & Xiao-Ya Chen
    Nature Plants 2, 16096
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    Plants must adapt to unfavourable environmental conditions. Shade avoidance by organ elongation is an important mechanism to move towards sunlight. A new mutant affected in auxin conjugation shows that auxin homeostasis controls hypocotyl elongation.

    • Jutta Ludwig-Müller
    Nature Plants 2, 16044