Optomechanics is the use of laser light to control the motion of mechanical vibrations, usually micrometre- or nanometre-scale resonators. As well as probing micromechanical motion, light can also remove energy from the system. In this way, an oscillator can reach the quantum limit with just one quantum of vibration energy, or phonon.


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    Nonreciprocal optical devices traditionally rely on magnetic fields and magnetic-free approaches are rather recent. Here, Bernier et al. propose and demonstrate a purely optomechanical circulator with reconfigurable transmission without the need for direct coupling between input and output modes.

    • N. R. Bernier
    • , L. D. Tóth
    • , A. Koottandavida
    • , M. A. Ioannou
    • , D. Malz
    • , A. Nunnenkamp
    • , A. K. Feofanov
    •  & T. J. Kippenberg
  • Research | | open

    Optomechanical experiments often assume linear coupling between optical fluctuations and mechanical displacements. Here, Leijssen et al. experimentally demonstrate the nonlinear interaction from thermally induced fluctuations in a sliced nanobeam cavity with high cooperativity.

    • Rick Leijssen
    • , Giada R. La Gala
    • , Lars Freisem
    • , Juha T. Muhonen
    •  & Ewold Verhagen
    Nature Communications 8, ncomms16024

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