Object vision

Object vision refers to the ability of the visual system to resolve, identify and categorize visual objects based on their physical properties, such as shape and colour.

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    A study combines monkey behavioral testing with electrical stimulation of face patches, located with functional MRI and studied electrophysiologically, to probe the behavioral relevance of the face patches' selectivity.

    • Guy A Orban
    Nature Neuroscience 20, 635-636
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    A study shows the transience of early visual representations (while the stimulus is still on) and the persistence of higher representations (outlasting the stimulus) as various categorical distinctions emerge at staggered latencies. Rather than slavishly following the stimulus, representations interact through recurrent signals to infer what's there.

    • Marieke Mur
    •  & Nikolaus Kriegeskorte
    Nature Neuroscience 17, 332-333
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    We can efficiently and rapidly recognize daily-life visual settings. A study finds that scene recognition involves the posterior object-selective visual cortex, where multiple within-scene objects are represented in parallel.

    • Marius V Peelen
    •  & Sabine Kastner
    Nature Neuroscience 14, 1224-1226