Implants are biomedical materials or medical devices intended to replace a missing biological structure, or support or augment the function of an existing one. Examples of implants are prostheses, dental fixtures, and birth-control subdermal capsules.

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    Neural probes that mimic the subcellular structural features and mechanical properties of neurons assimilate across several structures of the brain to provide chronically stable neural recordings in a mouse model.

    • Jeffrey R. Capadona
    • , Andrew J. Shoffstall
    •  & Joseph J. Pancrazio
    Nature Materials 18, 429-431
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    Microparticle debris from prosthetic implants has been shown to induce a type 2 inflammatory response through a Bruton’s tyrosine kinase-dependent signalling pathway.

    • Dimitri A. de Kouchkovsky
    • , Sourav Ghosh
    •  & Carla V. Rothlin
    Nature Materials 18, 193-194
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    Coating continuous glucose-monitoring sensors with zwitterionic polymer reduces early inflammatory responses and signal noise after sensor implantation in live animals, and improves the performance of the sensors without the need for additional recalibration.

    • Ershuai Zhang
    •  & Zhiqiang Cao