Geomorphology is the study of landforms and landscapes on Earth and other planets, and the processes that shape them. This discipline is primarily concerned with the erosion and deposition of rock and sediments by wind and water, but also includes the creation of topography through tectonics.

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    Two robotic missions, one from China and one from India, will explore the southern lunar hemisphere, sending back a wealth of information about the surface and composition of the Moon, and perhaps even more.

    • Iulia Georgescu
  • News and Views |

    Plants influence geomorphology. Research on salt marshes suggests that feedbacks between geomorphic processes and life-history traits of plants produce species-specific signatures in the organization of biogeomorphic landscapes.

    • Dov Corenblit
    Nature Geoscience 11, 621-622
  • Comments and Opinion |

    January 2018 was an unusually warm and wet month across the Western Alps, with widespread landslides at low elevations and massive snowfall higher up. This extreme month yields lessons for how mountain communities can prepare for a warmer future.

    • Markus Stoffel
    •  & Christophe Corona
    Nature Geoscience 11, 458-460