An embolism is the obstruction, or blockage, of a blood vessel by a blood clot that dislodged from its site of origin elsewhere within the cardiovascular system, or by a gas bubble, fat globule, or some other foreign material in the circulation.

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    Patent foramen ovale (PFO) is the most common congenital heart abnormality and is present in approximately 25% of the adult population. In this Primer, Homma et al. describe various aspects of PFOs, focusing on their potential relationship with stroke.

    • Shunichi Homma
    • , Steven R. Messé
    • , Tatjana Rundek
    • , Yee-Ping Sun
    • , Jennifer Franke
    • , Karina Davidson
    • , Horst Sievert
    • , Ralph L. Sacco
    •  & Marco R. Di Tullio
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    Venous thrombosis and its potentially debilitating or even fatal consequences can pose diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Here, Mackman and colleagues discuss not only the clinical implications of thrombosis but also new insights into thrombogenesis and how to inhibit this process.

    • Alisa S. Wolberg
    • , Frits R. Rosendaal
    • , Jeffrey I. Weitz
    • , Iqbal H. Jaffer
    • , Giancarlo Agnelli
    • , Trevor Baglin
    •  & Nigel Mackman
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    Renal artery embolization (RAE) is becoming increasingly recognized as a beneficial adjunct in the treatment of numerous renal diseases. In this Review, the authors discuss the advantages and disadvantages of RAE in the management of conditions such as renal traumatisms, tumours, angiomyolipomas and aneurysms. The technical approaches are compared, and the benefits and complications associated with RAE are discussed.

    • Arnaud Muller
    •  & Olivier Rouvière
  • Research | | open

    Functional imaging of proteolytic activity is an emerging strategy to guide patient diagnosis and monitor clinical outcome. Here the authors present a peptide-based probe to detect and localize thrombin activity ex vivo and non-invasively in mouse models of wounding and pulmonary thrombosis.

    • Michael J. Page
    • , André L. Lourenço
    • , Tovo David
    • , Aaron M. LeBeau
    • , Fiore Cattaruzza
    • , Helena C. Castro
    • , Henry F. VanBrocklin
    • , Shaun R. Coughlin
    •  & Charles S. Craik
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    In the second part of their Review on pulmonary embolism (PE), van Es and colleagues discuss risk stratification of patients with this condition, the short-term and long-term treatment options, and introduce some of the novel therapeutic agents under investigation for PE.

    • Josien van Es
    • , Renée A. Douma
    • , Victor E. A. Gerdes
    • , Pieter W. Kamphuisen
    •  & Harry R. Büller