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    Kagome lattice materials combine a frustrated lattice with electron–electron and spin–orbit interactions. One of them, Co3Sn2S2, now reveals magnetic properties that respond in the opposite way to what is expected.

    • Oleg V. Yazyev
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    Reliable memristive devices in which switching is based solely on electronic effects can be created from amorphous silicon by doping with oxygen and nitrogen.

    • Ilia Valov
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    Control of electron and hole concentrations in semiconductors is a longstanding challenge. Now, by managing defect populations, a p–n homojunction solar cell has been fabricated, opening a new avenue for metal halide perovskite devices.

    • Ji-Sang Park
    •  & Aron Walsh
    Nature Energy 4, 95-96
  • Editorial |

    This year marks ten years of organic–inorganic perovskite solar cell research. Now, after achieving remarkable gains in performance, applications are starting to make their way out of research laboratories into the real world.