DNA computing


DNA computing is a branch of biomolecular computing concerned with the use of DNA as a carrier of information to make arithmetic and logic operations.

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  • Research | | open

    DNA circuits hold promise for advancing information-based molecular technologies, yet it is challenging to design and construct them in practice. Thubagere et al. build DNA strand displacement circuits using unpurified strands whose sequences are automatically generated from a user-friendly compiler.

    • Anupama J. Thubagere
    • , Chris Thachuk
    • , Joseph Berleant
    • , Robert F. Johnson
    • , Diana A. Ardelean
    • , Kevin M. Cherry
    •  & Lulu Qian
  • Research |

    Individual particles can be programmed to chemically communicate with their neighbours, giving rise to collective behaviours such as dynamic travelling fronts and spatial pattern creation.

    • G. Gines
    • , A. S. Zadorin
    • , J.-C. Galas
    • , T. Fujii
    • , A. Estevez-Torres
    •  & Y. Rondelez
    Nature Nanotechnology 12, 351–359
  • Research | | open

    Existing DNA based circuits, designed to perform logic operations and signal processing, are generally responsive to DNA or RNA inputs. Here, the authors show that antibodies can actuate DNA logic gates, opening the way to applications of DNA computing in diagnostics and biomedicine.

    • Wouter Engelen
    • , Lenny H. H. Meijer
    • , Bram Somers
    • , Tom F. A. de Greef
    •  & Maarten Merkx
  • Research |

    Dynamic nonlinear biochemical circuits are functionally rich; however, this nonlinear nature also makes programming them delicate and painstaking. Now a droplet microfluidic platform reveals precisely the bifurcations of two canonical systems: a bistable switch and a predator–prey oscillator, exposing optimal regions and mechanistic insights that inform the design of these systems.

    • A. J. Genot
    • , A. Baccouche
    • , R. Sieskind
    • , N. Aubert-Kato
    • , N. Bredeche
    • , J. F. Bartolo
    • , V. Taly
    • , T. Fujii
    •  & Y. Rondelez
    Nature Chemistry 8, 760–767

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