Core processes


Core processes describe the transfer of heat and material between the Earth’s solid inner core and molten outer core and the exchange of heat across the core-mantle boundary, as well as the convection in the outer core that generates the geomagnetic field.

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    The crystal structure of iron under the extreme pressures and temperatures of Earth’s core is debated. Numerical simulations suggest that the body-centred cubic structure of iron is stable under inner-core conditions.

    • Anatoly B. Belonoshko
    • , Timofei Lukinov
    • , Jie Fu
    • , Jijun Zhao
    • , Sergio Davis
    •  & Sergei I. Simak
    Nature Geoscience 10, 312–316
  • Research | | open

    Terrestrial basalts have a unique iron isotopic signature taken as fingerprints of core formation. Here, high pressure studies show that force constants of iron bonds increase with pressure similarly for silicate and metals suggesting interplanetary isotopic variability is not due to core formation.

    • Jin Liu
    • , Nicolas Dauphas
    • , Mathieu Roskosz
    • , Michael Y. Hu
    • , Hong Yang
    • , Wenli Bi
    • , Jiyong Zhao
    • , Esen E. Alp
    • , Justin Y. Hu
    •  & Jung-Fu Lin
  • Research | | open

    The Earth’s core has lower density than pure iron and many studies have looked into which light elements may be present. The authors here carry out in situ high pressure and temperature neutron experiments indicating that hydrogen may have been the first light element to dissolve into the iron core.

    • Riko Iizuka-Oku
    • , Takehiko Yagi
    • , Hirotada Gotou
    • , Takuo Okuchi
    • , Takanori Hattori
    •  & Asami Sano-Furukawa
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    Satellite observations have detected localized magnetic field changes at high latitudes. Simulations suggest these changes can be explained by a westward jet in the liquid core, which has been accelerating over the past 15 years.

    • Philip W. Livermore
    • , Rainer Hollerbach
    •  & Christopher C. Finlay
    Nature Geoscience 10, 62–68

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