Coral reefs

Coral reefs are marine structures created by calcifying coral animals and their algal symbionts. Coral reef ecosystems are generally high in biodiversity, most often found in shallow tropical seas, and are threatened by factors including ocean acidification, global warming and sea level rise.


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  • Editorial |

    One of the most visible impacts of current climate change is the catastrophic bleaching and death of corals in reefs around the world. This issue of Nature Ecology & Evolution and an online Focus highlight recent research documenting the transformation of these systems.

  • News and Views |

    The importance of biodiversity for productive community functioning is emerging as one of a very few general rules in ecology, but evidence has been sparse that it applies in tropical coral reefs—until now.

    • J. Emmett Duffy
  • News and Views |

    An integration of 20 years of data on fisheries catch and reef habitat characteristics shows how bleaching-induced shifts in reefscapes change species abundances but may not impair total catch capacity.

    • Alice Rogers