Computer science


Computer science is the study and development of the protocols required for automated processing and manipulation of data. This includes, for example, creating algorithms for efficiently searching large volumes of information or encrypting data so that it can be stored and transmitted securely.

Latest Research and Reviews

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    The era of fully fledged quantum computers threatens to destroy internet security as we know it; the ways in which modern cryptography is developing solutions are reviewed.

    • Daniel J. Bernstein
    •  & Tanja Lange
    Nature 549, 188–194
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    Proposals for demonstrating quantum supremacy, when a quantum computer supersedes any possible classical computer at a specific task, are reviewed.

    • Aram W. Harrow
    •  & Ashley Montanaro
    Nature 549, 203–209
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    To enable a quantum computer to solve practical problems more efficiently than classical computers, quantum programming languages and compilers are required to translate quantum algorithms into machine code; here the currently available software is reviewed.

    • Frederic T. Chong
    • , Diana Franklin
    •  & Margaret Martonosi
    Nature 549, 180–187
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    Quantum machine learning software could enable quantum computers to learn complex patterns in data more efficiently than classical computers are able to.

    • Jacob Biamonte
    • , Peter Wittek
    • , Nicola Pancotti
    • , Patrick Rebentrost
    • , Nathan Wiebe
    •  & Seth Lloyd
    Nature 549, 195–202

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