Computational astrophysics


Computational astrophysics is the study of the phenomena that occur in space using computer simulations. This can involve modelling processes that take place over millions of years, such as colliding galaxies or the slow destruction of a star by a black hole. This also includes understanding the high-energy phenomena that take place in stars.

Latest Research and Reviews

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    Coevolving millions of cold dark matter particles and neutrinos within one N-body simulation, TianNu, shows that regions of similar dark matter density can have different neutrino densities. These density variations may have an effect on the cosmic structure.

    • Hao-Ran Yu
    • , J.D. Emberson
    • , Derek Inman
    • , Tong-Jie Zhang
    • , Ue-Li Pen
    • , Joachim Harnois-Déraps
    • , Shuo Yuan
    • , Huan-Yu Teng
    • , Hong-Ming Zhu
    • , Xuelei Chen
    • , Zhi-Zhong Xing
    • , Yunfei Du
    • , Lilun Zhang
    • , Yutong Lu
    •  & XiangKe Liao
  • Research |

    The stacking of nearly three-quarters of a million spectra has unearthed a previously unknown component of the Galactic halo: a widely distributed, neutral, excited hydrogen layer that could harbour a sizeable proportion of the Milky Way’s baryons.

    • Huanian Zhang
    •  & Dennis Zaritsky
  • Research | | open

    Advanced LIGO has detected gravitational waves from two binary black hole mergers, plus a merger candidate. Here the authors use the COMPAS code to show that all three events can be explained by a single evolutionary channel via a common envelope phase, and characterize the progenitor metallicity and masses.

    • Simon Stevenson
    • , Alejandro Vigna-Gómez
    • , Ilya Mandel
    • , Jim W. Barrett
    • , Coenraad J. Neijssel
    • , David Perkins
    •  & Selma E. de Mink
  • Research |

    A magnetohydrodynamic model for outflows around supermassive black holes can also reproduce the X-ray properties of an outflow around a stellar black hole. This indicates that magnetic forces have a universal role to play in driving these winds.

    • Keigo Fukumura
    • , Demosthenes Kazanas
    • , Chris Shrader
    • , Ehud Behar
    • , Francesco Tombesi
    •  & Ioannis Contopoulos

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