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    As a global media event, COP 21 had the potential to enhance understanding and motivate political action. This study shows that although media coverage reached the German public and promoted conference-specific knowledge, this did not translate into active engagement.

    • Michael Brüggemann
    • , Fenja De Silva-Schmidt
    • , Imke Hoppe
    • , Dorothee Arlt
    •  & Josephine B. Schmitt
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    In this Perspective, Ng and colleagues detail the development of the Asian Men's Health Report (AMHR), detailing challenges faced during its creation. Men's health reports can support the development of men's health policies and the AMHR can be used as to guide for the production of men's health reports and to promote men's health globally.

    • Chirk Jenn Ng
    • , Chin Hai Teo
    • , Christopher Chee Kong Ho
    •  & Hui Meng Tan
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    Apparently contradictory conclusions regarding the ‘global warming hiatus’ are reconciled, strengthening the current scientific understanding that long-term global warming is extremely likely to be of anthropogenic origin.

    • Iselin Medhaug
    • , Martin B. Stolpe
    • , Erich M. Fischer
    •  & Reto Knutti
    Nature 545, 41–47
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    Betsch and colleagues show that vaccination willingness is higher in cultures that focus on collective benefits. For cultures that lack this prosocial cultural inclination, communicating the concept of herd immunity improves willingness to vaccinate.

    • Cornelia Betsch
    • , Robert Böhm
    • , Lars Korn
    •  & Cindy Holtmann
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    Communicating climate science requires depicting uncertainty. This study shows that the tendency for COP21 policymakers to assign model forecasts less weight than their prior beliefs when making predictions is mitigated by presenting individual model forecasts with the statistical range.

    • Valentina Bosetti
    • , Elke Weber
    • , Loïc Berger
    • , David V. Budescu
    • , Ning Liu
    •  & Massimo Tavoni

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