Chromatin analysis


Chromatin analysis is the study of the structure or function of chromatin. Chromatin is made up of proteins (mainly histones) and genomic DNA packed inside the nuclei of eukaryotic cells; its architecture and chemical modifications affect genome structure, integrity and gene regulation.

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    A full understanding of chromatin in diverse cellular processes requires the consideration of its dynamics, but most standard chromatin assays provide only a static snapshot. This Review describes various emerging methods for probing chromatin dynamics across a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, and discusses the resulting biological insights.

    • Olivier Cuvier
    •  & Beat Fierz
  • Research |

    Using a single-nucleus Hi-C protocol, the authors find that spatial organization of chromatin during oocyte-to-zygote transition differs between paternal and maternal nuclei within a single-cell zygote.

    • Ilya M. Flyamer
    • , Johanna Gassler
    • , Maxim Imakaev
    • , Hugo B. Brandão
    • , Sergey V. Ulianov
    • , Nezar Abdennur
    • , Sergey V. Razin
    • , Leonid A. Mirny
    •  & Kikuë Tachibana-Konwalski
    Nature 544, 110–114
  • Research |

    The Plasmodium falciparum telomere repeat-binding zinc finger protein (PfTRZ) binds telomeres, subtelomeric var genes and 5S ribosomal DNA genes. PfTRZ regulates multiple processes in the parasite, including telomere length homeostasis and cell cycle progression.

    • Nicole L. Bertschi
    • , Christa G. Toenhake
    • , Angela Zou
    • , Igor Niederwieser
    • , Rob Henderson
    • , Suzette Moes
    • , Paul Jenoe
    • , John Parkinson
    • , Richard Bartfai
    •  & Till S. Voss
  • Research |

    Single-cell combinatorial indexed Hi-C (sciHi-C) is a streamlined protocol for generating thousands of high-quality single-cell chromosome conformation data sets that resemble bulk Hi-C data in aggregate.

    • Vijay Ramani
    • , Xinxian Deng
    • , Ruolan Qiu
    • , Kevin L Gunderson
    • , Frank J Steemers
    • , Christine M Disteche
    • , William S Noble
    • , Zhijun Duan
    •  & Jay Shendure
    Nature Methods 14, 263–266
  • Reviews |

    During the cell cycle, the centromeres of chromosomes have important roles and face key challenges, such as mediating successful chromosome segregation during mitosis and faithfully propagating their chromatin state to daughter chromosomes during S phase. This Review describes cell cycle-related features of centromeres, focusing on the nature and dynamics of centromeric chromatin, how it is intricately regulated and the potential implications for disease when these processes are disrupted.

    • Sebastian Müller
    •  & Geneviève Almouzni

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