Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the processes (production, transformation, transportation and usage) necessary to produce useful materials and energy. Chemical engineers apply knowledge from the physical and biological sciences as well as mathematics and economics.

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    By combining metal ions, organic linkers and polymers, ordered frameworks with controlled crystallite size can form. When fabricated into membranes, they combine superlative CO2/N2 separation properties with good hydrolytic stability.

    • Joshua D. Moon
    •  & Benny D. Freeman
    Nature Materials 18, 92-93
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    The performance of enzymatic biofuel cells is greatly hindered by the poor electron transfer between enzyme catalysts and electrode surfaces. Now, an efficient electrical connection is made by coupling conventional direct and mediated electron transfer mechanisms, leading to much improved power density and stability.

    • Huajie Yin
    •  & Zhiyong Tang
    Nature Energy 3, 543-544
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    A metal–organic framework with tailored porosity provides a mixed matrix membrane with excellent performance for natural gas purification and butane isomer separation.

    • Neil B. McKeown
    Nature Materials 17, 216-217